Hello, people of Palmetto City! You’re in the FAQs section of our website. We hope you find this page useful as you browse through this site. Please read first the questions and answers below before you send us a query to save time and effort. 

How do I know if the report you’ve given to us is true and correct? 

Palmetto is one of the places in Florida which is subject to the provision of the law that requires certain government agencies to make records available to the public. As such, we can guarantee that we have come from verified government records.  

How do I request a copy of public records? 

If you wish to request a copy, you may visit our office in Palmetto village. Our clerk will tell you of the availability of the record you requested and if there’s a cost associated to it. If you want to request a file online, you can search our records. It is very easy to search for and download files on our website. Take note that downloading a file requires a pdf reader for you to see what’s on the file. When it’s done, then your good to go. 

I want to know all the news, issues, information, and events regarding Palmetto. How can I be updated on the latest information? 

Thank you for asking that. Actually, we want all the people in Palmetto to be notified if there is any update or happening in our city. So, we ask you to subscribe to our newsletter. By filling out the form we’ve given and submitted to us, we will send you an automatic confirmation notice. After that, you will receive all the latest updates from us every day.  

Is there a subscription fee? 

Fortunately, our services are free including your subscription. So you don’t have worry about anything.