Citizens who are always ready to support every project

We are a small group of concerned citizens who are always ready to support every project that has been planned in the city. But because of the government’s lack of action in terms of implementing said projects, this goal might as well be completely a mess. After the election, members of the organization met to clarify our plans and objectives. It was held in our office that we have rented, with a small contemporary garage door. It’s no wonder why we chose to meet there because the place is comfortable, wide and secured because of the garage door installation by a most trusted company — A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee. We hope you can come and visit. Our office is open to everyone. It’s a place where we are happy to showcase our work.

With dedication and passion, we always try to ensure that we strictly follow all of our plans and objectives. We did this ever since 1995 when our group was established. We work with the government in monitoring their projects and seeing to it that said projects benefit the people. Because of this, both the government and the community love what we have been doing, ensuring that our organization will continue to thrive for long years to come, in service of Palmetto City.

Palmetto is beautiful city found in Manatee County, Florida. Covered with beaches and white sand, it is the perfect place to live in. There’s plenty of spectacular views here and its expansive Sunshine Skyway Bridge going to Tampa Bay. If you love outdoor recreation as well, our activities are perfect for you. You can do canoe trailing and plenty of water sports such as jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, fly boarding, water polo and more. Of course, you can also try ocean fishing and hiking in natural reserve parks.

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