About Us 

The Palmetto Public Record website was founded in the year 1995, with the cooperation and support of the city government, establishments, entrepreneurs, and individuals. They make all things possible in order for an organization such as ours to thrive. At first, we doubted creating this kind of organization considering that we are just a small group in a community here in Palmetto with a mission of helping our city to be the most organized and orderly community in the country. 

We have serviced the citizens of Palmetto for more than two decades now, and we hope to continuously serve you in the most innovative and easiest way possible. And because of the cooperation and support of the people behind this organization and most especially the citizens of the city, we are proud to say that we are in the midst of success. Our city is recognized for this. In fact, we have received the National City League of America Award for five consecutive years. We continue to dominate the news–  on television, radio, and newspapers because of the success we are savoring in the past few years up to now. 

We believe in the spirit of the citizens of Palmetto and the dedicated members and employees of this organization, including the private sector which has been sponsoring and supporting our organization. We love to live, work, eat and play here! Our organization is all about passion, dedication, loyalty, and integrity. Palmetto Public Record is always looking forward to lending you some advice and answering the questions you need to know about the entertainment, cultural attractions, real estate, social and recreational opportunities here, from the beach to high rise panoramas. Ask us, we can guarantee you that we can fill you in on the area of Palmetto that will definitely catch your interest.